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Actor Sean Bean spent the night in a police cell following allegations that he assaulted his wife.

Police were called following a claim of domestic assault and arrested the 49-year-old at his London home.

Bean was taken to a police station and kept overnight before being released without charge.

The Lord of the Rings star married his fourth wife, 29-year-old Georgina Sutcliffe, in February.

The couple originally intended to marry in January but cancelled 24 hours before the big day, citing "personal reasons".

Ms Sutcliffe, who is an actress told the Sun: "Everything is okay. Sean and I are at home enjoying the sunshine. He was arrested. Everything was blown out of proportion."

Bean told the newspaper: "I'm fine."

The Sheffield-born actor married his first wife Debra at the age of 21, followed by marriages to Bread actress Melanie Hill and Sharpe co-star Abigail Cruttenden.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "Police were called to a home at 11.40pm on Thursday night following an allegation of domestic assault.

"A man was taken to a police station and bailed on Friday morning. Later that day he was advised that no further police action would be taken."


I really cant stand how people, mostly women, take this shit so lightly. Although it doesn't have anything to do directly with Christian Bale, it is still relevant to me.

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